Mama Knows Best?!

Mar 06, 2017

Ok, true story.

So it was a normal Sunday evening, me and my mother talking about why I don’t listen, and the conversation somehow led to talking about some seeds.

Now stay with me, this gets interesting.

So conversation starts like this.

Me: Mama I’m about to make this money.

Mama: Oh really? How

Me: Don’t worry about all that, just know it’s about to be lit

Mama: See that’s your problem you don’t ever wanna tell nobody nothing! You can’t do things by yourself, you need people!

Me: Mother, most people have nothing to offer me, and plus I got the internet! I can do bad aaalll by myself.

Mama: You don’t listen!

So the conversation goes on right, and we start talking about why I should listen and seek guidance from others, which even with my foolishness (I play too much) I agreed. Guidance and mentors are necessary are great.


My point was, I’m not about to listen to Sarah who makes a 5% commission at payless about how I can become a millionaire. It’s just not happening, and a waste of my time.

So she goes on to cut me off (cause that’s what mamas do), and tell me that even if they aren’t successful yet, they can warn you about road blocks, and tell you what not to do.

So I feel her on that ok, but someone telling me a roadblock is somewhere, and not telling me how to move it or skip it entirely cause they haven’t figured it out is just still not efficient.

So I’m like mama, this is #don’twastemytime2017 I will not.

So any who, I’m going hard trying to convince her that we can’t let these broke , shoulda, woulda, coulda, ass people slow up or glow up, ok?!?

And she over here, telling me that it’s better to get advice and don’t count anyone out, they may be able to help.

Now again, while I feel her, I’m all about the MOST efficient way of going about things. So if I’m trying to make money, it just makes sense to me, to only seek advice from people doing it!

I mean seriously, you wouldn’t ask me how to cook something, cause I don’t know how to do that shit!

But anyway, here’s where things get interesting.

So she says, “pick one: wisdom, riches, or honor”

So of course my broke ass is like, “RICHES” no doubt.

My thing is, ok money isn’t  everything, duh.

And of course wisdom and honor or thing you want and should desire.

But lets just be real, you  are not emotionally are mentally available to even accept or attract all that when you struggling.

It’s much easier to grow, when you have the financially stability to focus on that.

So here I am thinking, yea she can’t disagree, I got her now!

Are yall ready for this?

She hit me with some profound shit that I couldn’t even deny.

She says, “ Think of a seed. A seed is in the ground surrounded by darkness, and has to be watered from the outside in order to grow. It’s growing deeper into the ground, creating a solid foundation for what’s about to be shown to the world, and all the while doing it in darkness, struggle. Sometimes you grow the most in the midst of  a struggle, and it’s because someone on the outside of your situation is pouring into you.”

Girl…when I tell you I was standing there looking stupid… just looking dumb!

I was like, now if that aint a word!!!!

So I learned a valuable lesson tonight.

Your personal growth is a group project.

You need people you look up to, resonate with, admire to pour into your life and lift you up, in order for you to reach your full potential.

But yea yall,

All in all, I think mama won this one

But we still gonna get this money.

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